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NimbleCommerce Launches Analyzer - an Intelligent Deal Sourcing Software for Publishers' Local Sales Teams

March 26, 2013

NimbleCommerce Analyzer leverages Big Data to help publishers locate potential merchants, forecast revenue for deals, and shorten the deal sourcing sales cycle.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March 26, 2013 -NimbleCommerce, a leading enterprise offers and promotions platform, today announced the NimbleCommerce Analyzer, a solution that enables deal publishers to predict future sales for a deal and suggests which merchants to target within a specific location to maximize digital revenue.

The NimbleCommerce Analyzer helps media and deal site sales teams quickly target the deals and merchants with the highest potential for success for any location, saving time and effort in the deal sourcing process. The Analyzer benefits sales representatives who are sourcing deals, calling merchants, and searching for business opportunities to refine their efforts, anticipate demand, and better plan their prospecting initiatives.

Sales teams can focus on deal quality and high-value merchants. They can search locally by entering specific zip codes and simultaneously navigating a local map with relevant data. In addition, they can analyze deal success in various markets based on a combination of customer historical sales and merchant popularity for similar deals.

"Deal sourcing comprises the lion's share of the expense of participating in the offers business and has long been the Achilles heel of the industry," said Prashant Nedungadi, founder and CEO of NimbleCommerce. "The NimbleCommerce Analyzer allows deal and online shopping sites to achieve cost effectiveness, productivity, and accuracy to gain a substantial competitive advantage, making offers an even more profitable part of their businesses."

There are two components to the NimbleCommerce Analyzer: a Merchant Analyzer and a Location Analyzer:

The Merchant Analyzer module predicts sales success for potential deals with a specific merchant. Sales teams can:
  • Input merchant, category, deal, and location information.
  • See estimated buyers for the deal with an assigned confidence level.
  • View the number of similar deals in the past and the number of buyers and subscribers in the area.
  • Drill down to details such as region, type of merchant, and success rate of similar past deals.
The Location Analyzer module helps uncover potential merchants to contact for a certain location. It allows sales teams to:
  • Input cities/zip codes within a certain radius.
  • View the number of existing and new potential merchants offering deals, buyers, subscribers, revenue, number of deals in the area, and a subscriber map.
  • Analyze estimated sales, numbers of deals, and revenues sold per deal.

Pricing & Availability
Merchant Analyzer is currently for beta testing in the United States. The full product (including Location Analyzer) will be available in beta for the U.S., Canada, and UK from April 1, 2013. Prices range depends on city sizes, defined based on Designated Market Area (DMA). The product is available for major metropolitan areas, as well as small cities and towns across the United States.

The NimbleNetwork is available in beta today. Participation is available to publishers and suppliers as one of the benefits of being a NimbleCommerce customer.

About NimbleCommerce
NimbleCommerce is the largest enterprise offers and promotions platform that connects media companies to merchants and buyers. The company enables audience owners and large publishers to create new revenue streams through daily deals, vouchers, and other transactional offers. Its services include a secure e-commerce platform with group buying dynamics, powerful coupon redemption system for merchants, merchandising and promotion system, syndication platform, mobile capabilities, email campaign management, and robust analytics and reporting. To learn more, visit

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